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The International Institute of California (IIC) is an innovative institution conducting educational research with particular emphasis on comparative analysis of world education system in relation to United States educational systems. We are committed to providing a unique combination of comprehensive service to international students & immigrants on matters concerning educational standards for licensing, employment and college/university admissions.


IIC is founded by highly skilled professionals who have many years of experience working with culturally and ethnically diverse population in universities, colleges, private and public organizations, and community groups. Our expertise is based on an in-depth understanding of the needs and concerns of foreign educated persons who live in the United States. We have gained a wealth of knowledge through academic education & research, teaching, advising, counseling, conducting and attending conferences, seminars, and workshops, dedicated to helping our clients to build on their past education to better prepare for their new communities, universities, and workplaces.  


Since 1993 IIC has helped educators, employers licensing and certification agencies/boards to improve their overseas recruiting, streamline admissions procedures and access cost effective foreign credentials evaluations. IIC has been recognized by educational institutions, employers, licensing and certification agencies/boards in the United States.   IIC has helped many immigrants and foreign students as well as individuals and institutions that deal with them. We provide accurate, education and research backed assessment for each credential making it easy to understand and make reliable decision.


Our goal is to provide affordable, accessible, and streamlined Foreign Credential Evaluation Service.  IIC evaluation will provide you with the United Stated academic equivalencies for your education credentials and allow you to pursue further education, career building and seek employment in the United States.


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