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IIC receives many emails, phone calls and letters from Evaluation Applicants around the world with varieties of questions regarding our services.  This section provides answers to most frequently asked questions. However, it may not answer some unique circumstances for certain individuals.  If you have one or two of these unique cases that have not been addressed in this section, please do not hesitate to email or call us. We will answer your questions promptly. On a regular business day our email is checked every 15-20 minutes and telephone calls are answered by live person as they come in.

  • How may I reach a representative of International Institute of California?

    • We answer all of our calls and emails.  Yes, you will speak to live person when you call us. Tel: 408-249-1505

  •  Can I submit my documents in person?

    • We do welcome walk-ins.  Please call us first if you can and you’re welcome.

  •  How long does the evaluation process take?

    • The longest it takes to complete typical evaluations is 21 Business days (four weeks) with some exceptions and unforeseeable circumstances and depending on the country of origin. We do have Rush Service options ranging from 24 hours to 15 business days. Please see our Fee Schedule.

  • What documents and how many copies of each do I need to send?

    • If you are intending to use the evaluation results for State Board certification, please Submit 2 copies (sets) of all your documents including clinical practicum. (see Application form)

    • If you are intending to use the evaluation results for all other purposes, please send one set of all your documents.

  • What if my documents are not in English?

    • You must have the translation done by professional translators only. If you need assistance in locating one, please send us email request or call us.

  • Will my evaluation be accepted by any college /University in the United States?

    • Most institutions in the United States will accept our evaluations.  However, we suggest you should verify with the particular institution before having an evaluation completed by us.

  • Does my evaluation expire and if not, how do I obtain additional copies in the Future?

    • Your completed evaluation report and copies of documents you submitted will remain in our system and archives for a period of 5 years from the date of the filling of your initial application. Within the five-year period you will be able to get additional copies for applicable fee by calling, emailing or by simply stopping by our office. Any request for additional official reports received after 5 years will be subject to reevaluation, requiring submission of a new application, all documents and the fees.

  • By what procedure/standards are my academics transcripts evaluated? by whom? and will my evaluation be recommend the exact degree in the country I studied?

    • The U. S educational equivalencies recommended are in accordance with established guidelines and represent the considerable judgment of qualified evaluators. There is no guarantee as to what your specific degree will be equivalent.

  •  If I send in my originals, will you return them?

    • Yes. We will return your original documents after we have verified them. For your documents’ safe and timely return, please make sure to include original documents self-addressed return envelope. You may choose to receive your documents mailed by USPS certified Mail or other Secure mail services (example, Fed Ex…)  and include the shipping and handling fees on your IIC application so that we can return your original and the evaluation report to you by secure mail overnight or next day Services. If you choose not to do this, all our mails are sent regular first class US mail.


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