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Applicants must provide original and photocopies of the required documents accompanied by English translations and the appropriate fees. All translations must be certified. Please send all the required documents to  IICUS  3550 Stevens Creek Blvd,. Suite #310 San Jose, CA 95117

1: To submit online application form please click here     Online application form

2: To Fill out & Print application form please click here    Fill out and Print application
3: To Print & Fill out application form please click here  Print & Fill out application form

After filling the details click on the SUBMIT button.
*indicates required fields 

*indicates required fields 
  *1:First Name:
  *Middle Name:
  *Last Name:
  2: Gender:  Male
  3: Date of Birth:
  4: Country of Birth:
  5: Country of Citizenship:
  *6: Current Mailing Address:
  *7: Telephone:
  8: PIN (if any) Personal Identification Number:
  *9: Email Address:
  10: Evaluation Request:  General Academic Work
 Doctoral Work
  11: Type of Evaluation Requested:  Summary Report
 Course Analysis-No Clinical
 Course Analysis-With Clinical
  Do you need a rushed evaluation?:  Yes
  If your answer is yes, please check one::  24 Hours
 3 Working Days
 5 Working Days
 10 Working Days
 15 Working Days
  Do you need extra official copy:  Yes
  If Yes, how many:
  This evaluation is intended for:  Employer
 College or University Admission
 Other: (Please Specify?_____________________
  Where do you want the evaluation to be mailed?:  Original and Copy to You
 Original to the intended agency and copy to you
  Please give the complete name and address /school:
  List below all schools, colleges and universities:  School Name :
 Dates Enrolled :
 Units Completed :
 Degree Earned :
 Date Expected :
  School Name:
  Dates Enrolled:
  Units Completed:
  Degree Earned:
  Date Expected:
  How did you hear about IIC?:  Friends
 A University or College
 Language Schools
  Other (Please Specify)::
  *Term and Conditons:
  *Signature:  Agreed

After filling the details click on the SUBMIT button.
I have read and understand the terms and conditions described about this evaluation by IIC. 

Please remember to enclose all documents with your application. Including: certificate(s), diploma(s), transcript(s), mark sheets, grade reports, course syllabus translations and fees. INCOMPLETE FILES MAY DELAY YOUR EVALUATION.  

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